Here is a description for the different classes that I offer.

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Jewellery and Crafts Workshops

Intro to Metal Clay: Set of classes, covers basic techniques for metal clay and usage of all four different forms (lump clay, slip, syringe, paper) as well as torch firing and finishing. Suitable for beginners.

Intro to Polymer Clay: Set of classes, covers the basic techniques of polymer clay (conditioning, caning, baking, storing) as well as combining polymer clay with a variety of material such as alcohol inks, foils, acrylics, crayons and much more. Suitable for begginers.

Jewellery Design: Designing a piece of jewellery is compared to problem solving. We will learn the basic methodology and tip and tricks to move past the fear of the 'blank canvas' and will discover that design is not nesseceraly a matter of inspiration or talent, but a matter of procedure. No prior knowledge of drawing is nessecary. Suitable for beginners.

Soldering: We will learn to properly solder, i.e. attach silver and similar metals securely and permanently to each other. We start with base metals (copper or brass) and then move on to silver. Suitable for begginers.

Traditional Silversmithing: Set of classes. We will develop an understanding for the different qualities and special characteristics of metals. We start with sawing, filing, forming and soldering and then move on to more advanced techniques. Suitable for begginers.

Wax models: Set of classes, about the ancient technique of lost wax casting. We learn how to carve, sculpt or in other ways manipulate jeweller's wax. We will experiment and improvise with soft wax organic materials in order to create unique models. We will develop an understanding with the casting method, get in touch with casting companies and create jewellery, components, objects and mini-sculptures. Suitable for begginers.

Metal clay, hollow forms: It is so much easier to make hollow forms with metal clay, when you compare it with traditional silversmithing techniques. We will discuss about all the possible ways to make a hollow form and focus on the 'dry construction' method. Prior knowledge of basic metal clay techniques (rolling, texturing, joining, torchfiring and finishing) is nessecary.

Metal clay, rings: Ring making is a procedure that requires precision, both in determining the correct size as well as in the way of making. We will learn all these step-by-step and focus on those steps than require special attention, for a strong ring in the correct size. Prior knowledge of basic metal clay techniques (rolling, texturing, joining, torch-firing and finishing) is nessecary.

Metal clay, stone setting in a bezel: A 'bezel' is a thin strip of metal that holds securely a stone. We will learn how to construct the whole piece, including the bezel, out of metal clay and pay special attention to properly calculating shrinkage and setting the stone post firing. Prior knowledge of basic metal clay techniques (rolling, texturing, joining, torch-firing and finishing) is nessecary.

Metal clay, findings: Why use commercial findings when you can make your own? Not only will they be unique and precious, but will also compliment your handmade creations. We will particularly focus in embedding fine silver wire in metal clay and eliminate the use of solder. Prior knowledge of basic metal clay techniques (rolling, texturing, joining, torch-firing and finishing) is nessecary.

Gold foil on silver (keum boo): Keum boo is an ancient traditional technique from Korea. It is an extremely easy and economic way of adding golden details on fine silver. (Please note that neither the material nor the technique are those used in icon or furniture gilding. We use real thick pure gold foil and permanently fuse it on silver.) Prior knowledge of basic metal clay techniques (rolling, texturing, joining, torch-firing and finishing) OR other silversmithing technique is nessecary.

Color on metal (high temperature enamels): Traditional enamels look and feel like glass, they are fired in high temperatures (over 600 C) and they look better, deeper and shinier when compared to paint enamels, epoxies and resins. We will learn what it takes for a successful enamel, how to apply them using the wet-packing technique and how to properly fire them with a torch. Prior knowledge of basic metal techniques (either traditional or metal clay) is desirable but not nessecary.

Custom stamps and molds: Stamps and molds are useful for metal clay, polymer clay, wax carving and more. Instead of spending your money on commercial textures, learn how to make your own custom stamps and molds, and help you pieces stand out from the crowd. Suitable for begginers.

Wire and pliers: No matter what you already know (or not!) about wire and manipulating them with pliers, you will have more secrets revealed about them. This course if for you who may be interested in how to use jump rings and crimp beads properly, or wish to learn how to make your own earwires and hoops, or perhaps this is all greek to you and all you need is just a fundamental class to introduce you to jewellery making. Suitable for beginners and those who haven't yet mastered their pliers.

Bath bombs and salts: Something different that will make our relaxing moments even more special. We will use only natural products, skin friendly pigments and aromas, in order to make luxurious bath bombs and bath salts, scented with our prefered essential oils. This course is ideal for those who wish to pamper themselves, or wish to make special hanmade gifts for their loved ones.Suitable for beginners.

Decorating candles: We will use simple and cheap ready made candles and will customize them with acrylics, stencils, napkins (decoupage), wax pens, ribbons, textiles and much more. No prior knowledge in drawing or painting is nessecary. Suitable for beginners.

Zentangle: Set of classes. Made up from the words 'to tangle' andd 'zen', zentangle is the ultimate way to relax and get the creative juices flowing. It is a rather now method of creating decorative patterns that proves that evereyone can design and 'everything can be achieved one line at a time'. No matter if you are an experience crafter, or a comlete newbie, you are guarrantied to find your creative inner voice and how to contemplate in the most creative way. Suitable for beginners.

Charms for the new year: Just before the pick of the festive season, let's make silver charms to celebrate 2012. They can be used as pendants, decorations, or as the prize in the traditional greek pie 'vasilopita'. We will recap (or learn) the basic techniques of metal clay (rolling, texturing, joining, torch-firing and finishing), plus the making and using of custom stencils. Suitable for beginners.

Pary time!: Are you a group of creative people? Are you looking for something different to do together? Let's make your party different and special! Not only it will be an event to remember, but everyone will leave with their handmade creations as a memoire of the party. Content will be adapted to fit your needs and theme. Great for corporate events, social groups, hen parties, just friends, adults or even teenagers.

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